I am Joshua T. Fisher

I’m currently a student at DigiPen Institute of Technology and working on a neat little game with a working title of Pixie Skate with Team Salt. I’m really into the build process of C and C++ and want to learn more about it. I’m also interested interested in memory management and related topics.

My resume can be found here.


##Pixie Skate: Pixie Skate is game based on skateboarding and the flow of motion. Players control a ball of light that executes combos of “tricks”, causing bursts of light and sound.

##Ripple: 2D, top-down, singleplayer, water-physics based game in a relaxing but engaging setting.

##Soular Eclipse: Soular Eclipse is a 2D puzzle game where the player controls the sun to cast shadows to aid the traversal of an NPC

##Title_of_Game: [Title_of_Game] was the first game I worked on at DigiPen. We were using Zero Engine, which is an engine built by the folks in R&D and can be described as essentially an in-house Unity. We chose to use Python, as Zilch wasn’t well documented yet, and none of the upperclassmen had really used it.

##delayio: delayio sprung out of a friend not being sure how to “create a console effect using print functions for the narrative portions of my text based adventure”. After chatting a bit, I found that delaying output in C like how Role-Playing Games do is an interesting little bit of work.

So after implementing that I decided to implement a function to process strings so that it wouldn’t go past some defined line size, and would prevent word splits. (I should probably go back and make sure this is safe.)