Pixie Skate

Team Skate is working on Pixie Skate. We’re still working on prototyping and moving those prototypes into our engine so there aren’t any videos yet. The general idea is to capture some

My responsibilities on the project were as such:

  • Tech Director and Build Master

  • Maintaining and extending our build system.

  • Maintaining the core engine.

  • Creating and maintaining WWise integration.

  • Maintaining the component/composition system.

  • Creating and maintaining the input systems.

  • Binding our engine to Zilch, a scripting language we use for some game play code.

  • Utilitizing the reflection system provided by Zilch to automatically serialize/deserialize both our Zilch and C++ components.

  • Working with our Editor programmer to create a quality inteface for designers to develop our game with. We’re using Qt for this.

Tools and Languages used in these tasks:

  • C++

  • CMake Script

  • Zilch

  • Python